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By exploring and practicing the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and virtual reality, we provide "Beehome digital solultion" for children educational institutions including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and children training schools. With the increase of the customers, a big-data platform named "Honeybee Educational Platform" is formed. In the meanwhile, with the capability of the company in IT technologies and big data, we provide IT product development services, ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) services and marketing promotion services to our customers.

Beehome Digital Solution

Since 2011, CDTEC has been deeply engaged in the field of children's education for more than ten years, forming a product and service system with Beehome and Honeybee as the main line. Over the years, it has served a large number of customers in kindergartens, children's training schools and primary and secondary schools. At present, CDTEC's children's education solutions involve many fields, such as smart campus, education service platform, kitchen supply chain, education content and so on.

Honeybee Educational Platform
a big data platform built on B2B2C model

CDTEC is committed to building a service platform for children aged 0-15 and related people all over the world. We work with various institutions and organizations concerned about children's growth to bring better goods, more convenient services and more valuable information to children and parents. Through Honeybee Educational Platform, educational institutions can establish their own official website, and realize the publicity and enrollment while providing convenience for parents through various platform tools such as coupons, online reservation, online course selection, education and consumer finance. At the same time, we also provide educational institutions with intelligent marketing tools and services such as online and offline event promotion.

Services based on Beehome and Honeybee
based on the advantages of our IT capability and platform big-data

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