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Kindergarten | Primary and Secondary School | Training School

In the past years, we provided lots of products to children educational institutes including kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools and children training schools. Beehome product line was born after years of research and development and practice. It includes various kinds of products such as smart campus system, kitchen supply chain system, educational content, and so on, for both children educational institutes and the government.

Management systems for children educational institutes
  • Kindergarten
    Children profile management, attendance management, communication tool, tuition charging, nutritional recipe management, etc.
  • Elementary and secondary school
    Academic affairs management, administrative affairs management, human resource management, equipment management, financial management, etc.
  • Training school
    In addition to the functions above, there are some other functions such as course management, student recruitment, photo collection, online education, etc.
Systems towards government and group enterprises
  • Three-layer structure of the management system for government
    The three-layer structure of government, school and students/parents makes the data flow of the whole system very clear.
  • Data analyzing system
    The system visualizes the data such as the number of students, the attendance rate, the school bus route and situation, etc.

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