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CDTEC has years of experience in IT service field, and has a large number of well-known enterprise customers, including Sinopec, IBM, Nomura Research Institute, etc.

Our competitive advantages in the field of software development service:

The company has an excellent team of project managers and a large number of high-end talents. The company has a mechanism and strategic plan to cultivate high-end talents. After years of accumulation, it has created an excellent team of project managers and a large number of high-end talents with strong business ability and excellent customer service ability. From the date of its birth, the company has a strong international atmosphere. While providing local services to customers, it has established a complete talent pool, and has the ability to control Chinese, Japanese and English as a whole. Talents form the most fundamental core competitiveness of the company.

The company has a unique "CDTEC Management Framework" (CMF). CMF comes from many years of software development and project management experience. The framework describes and stipulates the enterprise management system, project management, quality management and information security management, so as to realize the standardization of management process. The implementation of the management framework can reduce the risk in the process of the project, ensure the construction period and quality of the project, so as to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

The company has self-developed business management platform named "CDTEC OA System" (COS). After years of development and improvement, it plays an important role in the daily business process of the company. It integrates all the ideas of CMF. It not only contains a large number of tools for personnel management, financial management, administrative management, information security management, project management and product R&D management, but also contains a huge knowledge base accumulated over the years. These tools and knowledge base enable various projects to be carried out with higher efficiency. Through the core business system, CDTEC ensures good customer service ability and brings direct benefits to customers.


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