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The establishment of Sendy kindergarten is based on the smart campus solution which has been built by CDTEC for many years. The most advanced information technology is applied to teaching, management and communication, so as to provide the best experience of "smart kindergarten" for kindergarten principals, teachers and parents.

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We advocate that children should accept multiculturalism from childhood, cultivate positive and healthy personality, and establish a broad and broad international outlook. Our educational philosophy, educational thought, teaching system and teaching mode are not only accepted by the majority of children and their parents, but also recognized by the pioneers who are trying to promote the reform of the education system, especially the education management institutions at all levels. We are committed to making the quality education really "start from the baby", and make the talent training systematic, scientific and professional.

Commitment to parents

We are a personalized kindergarten, a small amusement park, an international professional early childhood education institution, and a scientific assessment service center that cares about the growth of infants and young children, laying a solid foundation for creating useful talents in the future society.

Commitment to government

We should arrange jobs, contribute to social stability and build a harmonious society in the region, contribute to the local tax revenue, and attract domestic and foreign capital, technology and talents to participate in the construction of the region by using the brand resource advantage of CDTEC, so as to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the region and create a livable city.


We hope that children will have erudite knowledge, have the self-discipline and caring attitude that they don't want to do to others, and have the personality of daring to accept new things, not being conservative and good at summarizing and introspecting.

    The spirit of future exploration
    A thoughtful attitude towards the unknown
    Ability to communicate with different cultural backgrounds
    The spirit of taking risks in unfamiliar environment

The educational characteristics of Sendy kindergarten mainly include five education systems. They are Montessori education method, multiple intelligences curriculum system, characteristic additional activities, kindergarten connection counseling and festival celebration.

  • Montessori Education

    With the help of Montessori's education method, combined with children's physiological characteristics and growth rules, we should strengthen children's emotional training in their daily life to enhance children's physical coordination ability, develop children's logical thinking ability through mathematics training from simple to complex, and open children's artistic talent through art, music and other courses.

  • Diversified Instruction

    Based on the requirements of the development of modern society on the quality of talents, combined with many years of school running experience and the advanced concept of preschool education in the world, our multiple intelligences curriculum system focuses on cultivating children's sense of teamwork, cooperation and self-discipline.

  • Distinctive Events

    According to the characteristics of children of different ages, we offer a variety of additional courses, such as safety, etiquette, emotional quotient, DIY, physical perception, weekly poetry, English song appreciation, English animation appreciation, swimming, pulley, calligraphy, Chinese painting, Orff music, dance, etc. All courses are set up around a theme: pay attention to the two-way training of both knowledge and ability.

  • Pre-school Guidance

    In order to make the children transition to primary school smoothly, we provide kindergarten connection counseling courses for large class children. From psychological counseling to knowledge structure, children can quickly adapt to primary school life.

  • Festival Events

    The celebration activities of Sendy kindergarten include: Mother's Day, Children's Day (June 1), Teachers' Day (Sep. 10), Art Festival, opening ceremony and graduation ceremony, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festivals and celebrations, which are the extension of the whole teaching system and create a happy and peaceful environment for children to grow up.

  • Sendy training base, School of Preschool Education, Tianjin Normal University
  • Ofuji Gakuen, Hokkaido, Japan, the sister kindergarden for friendly exchanges

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