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Honeybee Classroom

Honeybee Classroom is a software that connects offline teaching and online teaching. It has rich functions such as curriculum schedule, homework, teacher's words, Q & A, video conference and broadcast, and so on. The school arranges the learning content and progress through the management system, and students and parents learn through the client. There are two types of client: mobile and PC. The mobile version runs both in Wechat and CMB (China Merchants Bank) app.

Interest classes in kindergartens and after-school classes in primary and secondary schools lack a set of effective management and charging methods: Through the honeybee lecture hall, we can separate the above one from the tuition fee. First, it is more convenient on management. Second, it is safer to use different account for different usage.

In the age of knowledge payment, how to realize the operation beyond the wall of the school: You can make the school curriculum become online, make the school curriculum known by more people outside the school and realize online sales. You can flexibly set free content and trial period.

During the epidemic period, how to "stop classes and never stop study": Live broadcast, video class, on-demand video materials..., all be online!

There is no good means on publicity and promotion: Teacher is the most core point of kindergarten or school publicity! It is hoped that the school's excellent courses and the charm of each teacher will be systematically transmitted to parents.

Create parents' classroom and realize good home-school interaction: Offline content becomes online. Knowledge base is gradually accumulated.

Honeybee Cloud Video

Honeybee Cloud Video is divided into two modes: online conference and online live broadcast. It provides an online teaching platform for institutions by combining with Honeybee Classroom.


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